Aluminium Foil Container Replace Plastic Lunch Boxes Is The Inevitable Trend

In China, aluminium foil container this “silver box “For ordinary people also slightly strange, commonly used on the market or plastic lunch boxes. The data show that almost 95% of the use of disposable lunch boxes in the Shanghai market for polystyrene plastic lunch box. The plastic lunch boxes not only harm to human health, also resulted in a greater pollution to the environment.

The physical characteristics of the plastic lunch boxes there are obvious disadvantages in use, when people use the disposable foam plastic tableware costumes temperature more than 65 degrees Celsius hot food or water, the toxic substances contained in this tableware is easy immersed food. If this concentration of harmful substances is exceeded, the poison will be greater. The foreign results show that human long-term absorption of the chemicals in disposable foam tableware will damage the liver, kidneys. In addition to damage to the human body, this “white pollution” to the environment also caused major damage. Waste plastic lunch boxes discarded in the environment, not only affects the city and the natural landscape, but also on the ecological environment degradation because it is difficult to form a potential hazard.

National and local authorities have promulgated the relevant policies and regulations, prohibited the use of disposable foam tableware. Unfortunately, these failed tableware still prevalent in people’s table, in the case of the state’s repeated demands, just turn forbidden to sell “has not been effectively curbed. Today, after the World Expo “concept to build a green life, this meal had to withdraw from the stage of history.

So, what material the lunch box instead of a disposable foam tableware? Light weight, in line with national food hygiene standards, recycling, no harmful substances in the process, and do not pollute the renewable resources …… These advantages make aluminum foil container “has become a preferred alternative to plastic lunch box. In addition, the foil container “the most important features is the recycling rate higher, to conserve resources and reduce environmental pollution has a very positive sense.

The “loop” is a valuable characteristic of the “aluminum”. According to reports, the the aluminum cycle of regeneration can be up to twenty-five, the service life of up to three hundred years, and the production of recycled aluminum can save a lot of energy. For every ton of recycled aluminum accounted for only 5% of the energy use per tonne of primary aluminum production, at the same time, carbon dioxide emissions for electricity and water production of primary aluminum decreased by 91%, reduced by more than 97% than the production of primary aluminum fuel power generation. In addition, compared to the “white pollution” caused by geological changes, aluminum lunch boxes placed in the soil can be two to three years of weathering, and does not land a continuing injury and implantable nature of change.

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