The Market Prospect Of Aluminium Foil Container Machine

Foil container obvious benefits to people’s lives and the environment, but this meal is always in “were praised” position. The experts believe that the constraints foil container promotion there are three reasons.

1) The problem of aluminium foil container prices and costs:

The cost has been a major reason for restricting the promotion of foil container. Shanghai Restaurants Association experts Xiaxiang Qing said, aluminum products has not only reduced original packaging waste, has also been recognized by consumers, but restaurant owners generally reflect the cost of  “foil container”,. Foil container price higher than disposable plastic lunch boxes nearly 1/3, taking into account the cost of many food businesses, “discouraged”. The cost of the lunch boxes is any catering enterprises must be considered, but in fact, if we consider the cost of integrated use of foil container is not higher than the disposable plastic lunch boxes.

2) Recycling, is a question of perception

Experts, 20 weight aluminum foil container, for example: each priced at $ 0.80, after recycling prices, recycling prices by 0.011 yuan / g each product the cost of the actual use of $ 0.58 to $ 0.22, close to standards, health and environmental cost of lunch boxes. If the amount of energy saving through lunch heating process will further reduce consumer costs, and the vast majority of the huge social costs of eliminating the need for recycling plastic lunch box. For example, with infrared food steam box heating 100 aluminum foil container, equivalent to the electricity bill, 100 heated in a microwave plastic lunch boxes, equivalent to the electricity needs.

3)Market prospect of aluminium foil container

Market prospect is the basis for most customers decide whether to start a new project. The survey shows that domestic producers of aluminum foil container in addition to mainly exported abroad and supply of aviation food production enterprises, there are few available to the hotel and pastry. Huang also said that although the higher cost of aluminum foil container, whether the rapid spread in the country with a per capita standard of living is closely related to its broad prospects for development, but he is full of confidence. He believed that the foil container in like beverage cans swept the domestic market situation in the near future will be as popular.As manufacturer of aluminium foil container machines which include decoiler ,press machine with multiple moulds,container auto stacker and scrap sucker,we also are confident that aluminium foil containers will be popuplar in near future.

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